Cycle Me Home – LEAP tour

Posted on June 8th, 2012

 As many of you might know, we have met on a cycle road trip, called Cycle Me Home. If you haven’t heard about it, go and check it out here:

Well, as I said, we joined the CMH trip last summer. Since then many things happened, the MOVIE has been created.
This time the CMH guys take another challenge and take the LEAP tour:


London – Edinburgh – Amsterdam – Paris


If any of you up for it, go and join them on their way. Swear, it’s going to be a real adventure!

Unfortunately this time we won’t be able to go with them, but we still want to support the team.
Since now, they have to carry all their stuff and camera equipment on their back, we were asked to design an ultimate one-piece edition giant Wolf Bag, called Sherpa Balázs, member of team, will carry all those equipments, so he will be the lucky one who can wear it.

Although we won’t make it to LEAP, but we have an alternative plan. You will hear about it soon!

The guys are leaving tomorrow! Good luck and enjoy the ride!

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