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“We cannot look at the brand, without looking at the people behind it”

Although the brand Blind Chic. was created by the two of us, in the past five years we have been collaborating with various creative people, artisans and professionals. Some of them, from the beginning, still play an important role in the life of the brand… Read more >>


BlindChic – Basic Collection 2016

Whale Product Type: Roll-top backpack 
Weight: 700 g Dimensions: 41×62(52)x10 cm (width on top/height (rolled)/depth on bottom) Size: 20 liters (rolled) Carries: Max. 10-12 KG Material: Waterproof Cotton/Polyester Canvas Lining: PE Polyester, Greenish Yellow (Grey/Black)/ Deep blue (Navy)/Azur blue (Black) Additional Information: Front flat pocket 31×31… Read more >>


The Urban Explorers

‘EXPLORE MORE’ VIDEO CREDITS: Music: Freudenthal – Tunnels Of Frontenex // Clothing: Retrock // Caps: Serin // Models: Mariann, Anna, Bori & Dani // Video & Photography: Neza Peterca Robyn Davidson Robyn Davidson is an Australian writer who took a 1,700-mile journey in 1977, trekking… Read more >>


Rapha ‘Womens 100′

Idén, 2015. július 26-án Budapest is csatlakozott a Rapha ‘Womens 100′ egész világot átívelő kihívásához és legalább 100 km-t tekertünk! A több mint 50 kerékpáros hölgyet megmozgató esemény megszervezésére a két hazai bringás márka, mi Blind Chic. és UrbanLegend by Zsofi Gereby fogott össze. Az… Read more >>


Rhino Bag

This time we have created a tool for all the rarest species on earth, who have a hard cover but nevertheless own a high level of curiosity and desire to discover cultures, nature and the world through adventures. The Rhino is ready to serve their… Read more >>