Artwork Competition

  As you might know, our anniversary is coming soon. We are not just coming out with a new collection for this event, but also with a new label. Probably after reading the theme, it won’t be a surprise for anyone! The new label will… Read more >>

BlindChic - Summer 2013

BlindChic – Summer 2013


The Riverside Adventure

Szeged, known as Suncity, lies on the southern part of Hungary. Traveling back to my hometown, this small adventure brings back a lot of childhood memories: rowing on the river, walking in the forest and all those gatherings with friends in the summerhouse… (Julia) Being… Read more >>

blindchic 2013 spring

Blind Chic Spring 2013

bagaboo x blindchic


As usual, somehow everything goes back to that moment when we started, more precisely on the Cycle Me Home trip. Bagaboo was actually one of the main sponsors of the trip, offering a messenger bag exclusively made for Levi, who cycled over 3200 kilometers. At… Read more >>