Posted on February 16th, 2015

Last March we went to Berlin to exhibit the Blind Chic. bags at Berliner Fahrradschau. There we met Juliet Elliott who is one of the most influential European ambassador of female cycling. Besides that, she is also founder and editor of women’s sport, art and adventure magazine, the COVEN MAGAZINE: www.covenmagazine.com
Besides that, she also owns the 2014 award winning cycling blog: www.bikes-n-stuff.com
We had a few samples of the gorilla jacket at the EXPO so we decided to ask her to give some feedback about it.
After a few month of riding in it she reflected both on functionality and esthetics of the jacket.


Photos made by Steff Gutovska

- Tell us about yourself, your name, height (for size comparison), and what is your location, where do you live?

My name is Juliet Elliott, I’m about 173cm and I’m not sure what I weigh as I don’t own any scales. A couple of years ago it was 58kg, so that would be my guess as I feel about the same.
I live in Devon, in a tiny village in the middle of nowhere.

- What kind of bike/bikes do you own?

I have a fair few bikes as I like to ride everything. I’ve a custom Charge Ti Plug, a Goomah G731, a Trek Project One Domane WSD, a Metal Bikes BMX, Charge Duster, Juliana Furtado and a Charge Plug 5. For now!

- Do you think you have to make compromises in what you wear, to be able to ride everyday?

Well now that I’m no longer a bike messenger and I don’t do any commuting at all, when I go out on the road it tends to be for a long ride in the countryside, so I wear lycra.
When I was living in London and cycling about town, I didn’t wear any lycra at all, apart from cycling shorts sometimes – I just wore regular clothes. That’s still how I dress when I visit London, I just wear normal clothes. The only compromise I have to make is my clothes need to be comfortable to ride in, my jacket needs to keep me warm and dry, and I can’t wear short dresses unless I wear shorts underneath.

- Do you cycle no weather what? All seasons?

I cycle year round, but as I ride all kinds of bikes I tend to pick something that suits the weather. So if it’s really icy out, I won’t ride my road bike, I’ll pick my mountain bike instead. Or if it’s wet and muddy, I might take my CX bike out.

- Is it difficult for you to find female specific cycling wear, something that you feel good in and it also works well?.

I’m lucky to get some nice gear from my sponsor Assos. Before they hooked me up I sometimes found it hard to find what I wanted. The problem is that women come in all different shapes and sizes and have totally different tastes from one another, just like men do. But because there are fewer women’s ranges on offer, and fewer pieces in each range, there’s never enough choice. It seems like there’s something for every kind of man, no matter which style he prefers, but women don’t get that. You can be a punk, or you can like pink and that’s about it. It’s getting better, but still…

- After having tested new Gorilla jacket, could you reflect about its esthetics, comfort and its performance?

I was really happy when I was given the jacket in Berlin last March! First up, it looks totally awesome, but it’s also very functional. The mesh lining in the pockets means they multitask, working as ventilation as well as storage. The zips are robust and the fabric is really nice and still looks new after nearly a year.

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