Who We Are

Blind Chic. was born in summer of 2011, when a Hungarian fashion designer (Julia Vesmás) and a Slovenian graphic designer (Neza Peterca) have found each other on a road trip, cycling from Ljubljana to Budapest. The real journey has started, when they actually arrived to Budapest.

We decided to embrace our passion in a brand that offers cycling accessories for those who love riding, appreciate unique handmade products and want to spread the lifestyle of the increasing cycling community.

Due to our international background, and different cultural history, we aim to include a global simplicity, still a very personal perspective, when designs are created. The concept we represent embraces a philosophy of sharing cultural differences, ideas and re-joining creativity, in order to aim for better, and/or for a more distinctive design.
That is the reason why we are constantly collaborating with different designers, visual artists, bike lovers or creators and with other labels or even bicycle shops.

We focus on quality, comfort and functionality, meanwhile not making compromises against style.

Where We Are

Our studio is located at South Buda, in the recently opened creative centre: the AQB.


Located in the former Haggenmacher brewery, where beer was brewed until the late 30′s, the AQB creates today a different sort of creative blend, being a cultural melting pot, a centre of creativity for artists from Hungary and abroad. This venue enables painters, sculptors and all forms of artists and cultural craftsmen from different countries, to share, to develop, to engage in cross cultural creativity with local, Hungarian peers in order to broaden both professional and personal horizons and deepen their experience and perspective.

More Information: haggenmacher.hu


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H-1222 Budapest, Nagytétényi út 48-50.


V/Z Design Studió Kft.
H-1111, Budapest, Kende utca 7. IV./15

If you wish to visit us, please, drop us an email to arrange a meeting in advance! Thank you!
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