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As usual, somehow everything goes back to that moment when we started, more precisely on the Cycle Me Home trip.

Bagaboo was actually one of the main sponsors of the trip, offering a messenger bag exclusively made for Levi, who cycled over 3200 kilometers.

At that time Blind Chic., as a brand, was not even born in our head. But after the trip, little by little the brand has been created, and slowly we started to be involved in the Hungarian cycling community.

As far as we remember it was exactly the day of the premiere of the movie – ‘Cycle Me Home’ when we bumped into the creator of Bagaboo – Tomi.

Since then we got a lot of support from him about how to manage our brand and beside that we also became really good friends.

The idea behind was to put together attributes of both brands and create something unique!

The Bag will be available after the 15th of April. You will be informed about the details of the bag and the availability through our and Bagaboo webpage:



Thanks to:

Doma from Elit Express, for sacrificing his time and for being such a patient model.

Lokál skateshop for dressing up our model

Panini for offering nice atmosphere for coffee

Bringangyal for their support

Music: The Third Guitar – Lovin’ Lies