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Social Responsibility

2021. Blind Chic. X Fashion Revolution Hungary - Product donation

Since 2013 FASHION REVOLUTION has become a global movement aiming at revolutionizing the fashion industry. Its members are people from all around the world who make the fashion industry work. People who wear clothes. And the people who make them. Designers, academics, writers, business leaders, policymakers, brands, retailers, marketers, producers, makers, workers and fashion lovers. The industry and the public. The goal is a global fashion industry that conserves and restores the environment and values people over growth and profit.

In 2021 we joined in to the Fashion Revolution Week campaign of Fashion Revolution Hungary, the hungarian team who started a fundraising campaign with the aim to collect 1500 EUR.

Their goal was to raise enough funds to develop a “starter kit” online education program to educate 13-15 years old youngsters about sustainable consumption with the focus on sustainable fashion. Besides developing a 60 pages information book, short videos and a podcast channel their goal was also to bring local design into focus.

We offered a HELKA BURGUNDY (150 EUR) backpack to them for their fundraising online market ending on 30th April, 2021.


2020. Blind Chic. X Budapest Bike Maffia 10% - Financial donation

In 2020 Blind Chic. celebrated it’s 9th birthday and the annual Birthday Sale of us was organised between 29th November and 1st December. We decided to donate 10% of our whole income from the sale period to Budapest Bike Maffia, a local organisation helping homeless people on the streets in need.

“In 2011, the will to do, and to make a shift in social apathy called Budapest Bike Maffia to life. We began our activities with preparation and collection of food donations, delivering those by bike to homeless people living on the streets and social homes. Our aim was to ease their life.

In the last years our community grew dynamically, many volunteers joined us, so we have started new projects and actions. Our programs are approaching the problems of homelessness and prejudice in several ways, more of them are going beyond primary supporting. Our actions main goals are awareness-raising and mentality shifting. School programs are for sensitivity, community building, and the promotion of volunteering. Our food saving project refers to wastage, and the importance of environmental awareness. The garden project helps in the activation of homeless people and their self-sufficiency. Our Photo Project gives them the joy of creation, and success by art, while Sweet Home project helps the families in need. We have joined to the European Solidarity Corps, that makes opportunity to involve foreign participants, and to start European Union projects too.

Still, our goal is to help homeless people, families in need, and social institutions. We represent an innovative and creative style of social care and helping. 

We recruit many volunteers, delegating them to institutional care, and to civil society organizations through our projects. We place great emphasize on social sensitivity, breaking down prejudice, particularly amongst the youth, finding new solutions in the resent social environment.”

Learn more about them and their actual projects here.


2020. Blind Chic. X WOLT - Discounts for couriers

    In 2020 September we teamed up with WOLT Hungary and now we are offering a 10% online discount to all active Wolt couriers from our actual prices.


    2020. ROOTS collection - Full transparency commitment

      With the launch of our ROOTS collection we also decided to become totally transparent and we name our suppliers and all partners ever since. We try to keep it clear and do not believe in unintelligible rivalry. We could hide the details of our products from our competitors - but it would mean to hide the details from our community and customers, who actually deserve to know it. 

      We not only say grand speeches about transparency, but do it: we name our fabrics suppliers, name our accessories suppliers and name our coworkers. 

      Some say it’s a wrong decision, ruining our business and generating competitors - we say it’s only generating a loyal community and committed people believing in us and voting with their purchase, cos they feel the caring hands on each and every piece.


      2019. Blind Chic X Bikepacking Hungary - Sponsorship

        In 2019 the freshly formed Bikepacking Hungary team organised their first event under the name of 5 PEAKS 500 TOUR. It was the first ever Hungarian bikepacking challenge. 66 riders took on the adventure of whom 55 succesfully finished. We sponsored the event with a backpack offered to the winners.