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Here at Blind Chic. we stand for quality backpacks with conscious and sustainable production and legal and transparent processes. The main areas we are focusing on recently are the following:

Local and fair manufacturing

All the Blind Chic. backpacks are made in Hungary in Budapest county: designing and cutting takes place in Budapest, while sewing takes place in Budapest or Gyál. We are a small team of five, get to know more about our production here and about our team here.

EU-made fabrics 

From 2020 on we are working hard on minimizing our carbon footprint with switching to fabrics produced as close to us as possible - even if it makes fabrics more pricey. The latest ROOTS collection is made of UK-made premium organic cotton fabrics produced by British Millerain and we are now aiming to use these qualities in the upcoming collections. It’s important for us to know exactly where and how our fabrics were produced and the professional team of them (also winners of Drapers Award for Fashion Supplier of the Year ) are our guarantees. Get to know more about our fabrics here.

More sustainable materials

Besides using organic cotton canvas we decided to use local, plant-tanned leather for the labels and tried to find an acceptable solution for the leather bottoms of our backpacks: finally we succeeded and since then we proudly use the top-quality Italian leather of DANI. Read more about it here.

Less transportation, less carbon emission

We try to avoid overseas shipping of our fabrics and accessories and especially overseas shipping with lower quantities. Most of our actual textiles and leathers are EU-made now. Whatever we use from a faraway country is coming with LCL ocean freight shipping (this also means slightly lower fees, but requires a precise planning and timing of production due to the unpredictable arrival of goods).

Minimal paper packaging

Upon receiving our backpacks it might be surprising how small a package can be: we ship with Fedex for a few years now and use their Fedex Box option when shipping a maximum of 2 items. No extra space means no extra air shipped, which also means that they can count with the dimensions of our boxes and can maximize the capacity during air / ocean freights. The boxes are super strong and are made of paper only - we do not add any plastic wrapping, so no surprise trash when opening your package.


We try to keep it clear and do not believe in unintelligible rivalry. We could hide the details of our products from our competitors - but it would mean to hide the details from our community and customers, who actually deserve it. We not only say grand speeches about transparency, but do it: we name our fabrics suppliers, name our accessories suppliers and name our coworkers. Some say it’s a wrong decision, ruining our business and generating competitors - we say it’s only generating a loyal community and committed people believing in us and voting with their purchase, cos they feel the caring hands on each and every piece.


We do repair our backpacks, even if the warranty runs out. We do repair our backpacks for a fair price in every case: a fair fee for our customers and a fair fee for our working hours of deconstructing and rebuilding a backpack. In all cases we reward those who decided to lengthen the life of their backpack: we issue an online coupon with the fee of the repair, and they can even gift it to someone within 30 days. Repairs mean that the bags not only keep their history, but this history keeps growing with new stories. Dare to ask, drop us a mail. More info about repairs, stories and references here.

No overproduction

We do not have huge warehouses and seasonal deadstocks - though we do not work for order only. We always have a small stock from our actual backpacks, which is needed to have a smooth and easy shipping at online orders while giving us the possibility to have stockists, too - and when the stocks are getting really low one colour, we cut that colour in that type only. Having our yearly birthday sale requires some preparation of course, but during the winter season we always make higher quantities.


We believe in the locals supporting locals method and whenever we have the chance, we try to support events or groups we look up to: may it be a group of bike messengers helping out homeless people in need or the local Fashion Revolution team collecting donations for education of the youth about transparent and clothing industry and conscious consumption. Read more about our recent actions here.

Selective waste collection

We know it’s among the basic steps, but is definitely part of our ambition for sustainability: we collect or fabric scraps separately and have a selective waste collection system in the workshop and in the shop at our HQ, too.