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The Gorilla Label was born as a side project of our brand Blind Chic. for similar but for a more specific group of people. It was created to facilitate urban cyclist’s need to conquer the modern jungle.It was created for the sporty one, the wild one and for the one who is ready to cross over the city no wheather what.



This short documentary shows a day in the life of 3 Hungarian cyclist girls.

Each of them has a different story, about what cycling means to them, how they started and their experiences, but what unites them is cycling. They are riding their bikes everyday, everywhere, no matter if it’s raining, snowing, or crazy wind blowing.Cycling is their way of commuting, their way of socializing, it’s their passion.
Video was shot in last days of the wet winter in Budapest. The video was meant to present the lifestyle and the uniqueness of each girl’s story, look and personality.The ladies were given our brand new product, the gorilla jacket, to test it, use it and give us a proper feedback.

Thanks to:
Dóri, Liza and Annácska
Fruccola -
Bajnok Kerékpárok -
My little Melbourne coffee -
Rudy Project Hungary -

Thurston Harris – Little Bitty Pretty One



Softshell jacket for cycling or other outdoor activities.
The fitting is accommodated for natural range of motion and comfort on the bike with extended lower back, raglan sleeves and thumb-holes at lycra cuffs for warmth and enhanced fit.

Additional features include:

  • Front zipper pocket for smaller item
  • Hood and bottom of the jacket are re-adjustable with an elastic band
  • 2 zipper pockets on the back for necessary items
  • Zip vents under arms for ventilation
  • waterproof front zipper (YKK)