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ROOTS collection was born in our heads around a year ago as we decided to look back and move forward at the same time.

Our main goal was to interweave the most popular and useful features of our backpacks since the beginning while moving towards more conscious yet durable outdoor materials as not only the world, but we ourselves have changed, too - and having our products reflecting such needs was sufficient, while not forgetting about the soul and the roots of Blind Chic.


The second area made us think and search a lot was materials, the most interesting part besides modeling. What we knew definitely was that we’d like to find the best possible options of top quality, tested water-repellent outdoor materials - produced as close to us as possible. 


Our tests lead to choose the waxed cotton fabrics of British Millerain Ltd., one of the leading manufacturer of waxed cotton fabrics and outdoor applications. UK-made premium waxed fabrics with organic certification were acceptable for us - so we kept going with the other big question: leather.


Using leather at outdoor / urban gear and backpacks can lengthen the life of products with years - but sourcing the quality we accept took some more time, as our top requirements were: environmentally conscious manufacturer with full-cycle certified leather having a constant quality and various colour options at the same time, while being very durable.


We designed the colourful TITAN and HELKA models with leather bottoms with the use of premium Italian leather having the  EPD, Der Blaue Engel, Leather from Italy FULL CYCLE and ISO/TS14067 certifications. To get to know more, check out our SUSTAINABILITY commitment.


Functionally we kept whatever we loved in the previous models, but redesigned them according to actual needs:

  • rolltop design is one of our signature features, but we switched from velcro to zip closure at HELKA and TITAN models
  • double-straps closure is still close to our hearts, but D-rings were switched to ladderlock buckles this time
  • using a water bottle generated a need to always have them by hand: the two outer side-sleeves make it now possible to take them out in seconds, while the push buttons help to attach the size to the size of your bottle (0,5-1,5L)
  • the two bigger models are now all have a padded laptop sleeve up to 14,5”
  • the small zip pocket moved to the laptop sleeve
  • the padded shoulder straps now close a bigger angle for more comfort


LELLE (8L)  sun / navy / olive / black

HELKA (15-20L) sun / navy / olive / black

TITAN (23-28L) navy / olive / black



LELLE is our first backpack under 10L: with it’s 8L capacity, rounded shape, easy-to-open flap top and drawstring lining it’s the perfect choice for anyone not keen on carrying the whole world on their shoulders daily - but they need space for the basics. Made of waxed organic cotton makes it water-repellent, so you can be sure, that you’re protected from a summer shower, wherever you are. We designed it to fit an A4 folder / 13” notebook or MacBook.




HELKA is our mid-sized  (15-20L) daypack designed to carry a day’s stuff or two. Walking or biking with it will not be an issue neither on the sun or in the rain: the waxed organic cotton is playing it’s part from the fabrics’ side while the rolltop solution doesn’t let the rain come in at the top zip, too - while the outer zip is waterproof. Comfy enough to carry your laptop with the padded back and laptop sleeve and to get access to your water bottle from the side-sleeves, which can be resized with the use of the push button.The colorful models’ bottom is made of premium Italian leather making it easier to maintain it on a daily basis.



TITAN is our biggest model in the collection: it’s 23-28L capacity makes commuting very smooth with 3 outer pockets (2 side-sleeves for water bottle and bits and bites and a covered front pocket), huge inner space with a 14.5’ laptop sleeve and a small zip pocket. Zip closure is combined with optional ladderlock buckles on top for rolling down - non-rainy days allow it to use it folded up, while rolltop protects your stuff in the showers. The waxed organic cotton base is water-resistant just like the front pocket solution hiding a keychain to have your keys by hand always. The premium Italian leather covering the bottom makes maintenance and cleaning easier.




And finally the visual world behind the collection: the visual world, the graphics and colours were dreamed long before the actual models got their shapes and forms.

Zita Borbely, the founder of Sumburo Comics has been adopting and illustrating folk rhymes and tales in the past years in different styles and it was really a pleasure to work with her as she functioned as a kind of mind-reader when it came to colours, styles and impressions.

The names of the 3 designs (LELLE, HELKA, TITAN) were inspired by ancient folk tales, explaining the birth of thermal wells, names of towns and the Lake Balaton, the biggest lake of our country, the place where we always love to be back as a second home.

To each backpack belongs a small, colourful card with the folk tale connected - during the preorder and after the preorder, too.

Please note, that prints will be available separately after 15th August!




Jacint Jonas for the photos and eternal patience, even in the midday heat, when it was supposed to be cloudy

Bettina Voross & David Konsiczky for express modeling exactly 1 minute after their arrival without a word - without breakfast

Kata Czauner for modeling, for the best behind the scenes photos, treat & hospitality and all-day music

Marci Takacs for modeling and keeping us entertained with leaving random foods at random spots