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Repair is rebirth - and we also give a coupon with the value of your repair!

We do repair our backpacks, even if the warranty runs out. It’s a 1-year full guarantee we offer, but after long years, a backpack, which wax used on a daily basis might need a little wellness treatment here and there. 

We do repair our backpacks for a fair price in every case: a fair fee for our customers and a fair fee for our working hours. Backpacks coming back to us for a repair are having history in most of the cases with many adventures and tears telling even more stories. We try to keep it all, while only repairing, whatever is necessary.

It’s important to know though, that in many cases after 5-10 years we do not have specific fabrics in stock anymore so we might not be able to replace some parts of the bags with the exact same colour or material. Trying our best of course, but it’s important to understand that after a repair, your backpack might have a slightly patchworked effect, getting better and better with the years again.

What happens if you need a repair?

  1. First you have to let us know that you need a repair. The easiest way is if you drop us a mail to The more info you send us, the more quick the process will be. We recommend you sending the following data:
  •  type and colour of the backpack
  •  year of purchase or invoice / proof of the date of purchase (for the guarantee)
  • description of the problem
  • required solution or optimal solution you’d be happy with
  • billing name and address
  • photos are always a great help in identifying both the type and the problem

  1. We ask you to send your bag to us or drop it in our HQ in Budapest, called Prezent (HU-1013 Budapest, Döbrentei utca 16.). Please note, that the shipping costs of a repair are always covered by the owner of the bag.

  1. We bring the backpack to our workshop and get back to you with one or more possible solutions, colour options, fabric options as soon as possible.

  1. After discussing the solution, we offer you a repair fee (usually 20EUR, if there’s 1-2 parts we have to change, but in more difficult cases can be a little higher though) and add a shipping fee.

  1. If the repair price is accepted we send you a proforma invoice of the repair and start the repair. First we deconstruct the backpack and see if there’s any other problems that may remained invisible. Then we tailor the new elements and send it all to our sewer lady who builds up the bag again incorporating the new parts.

  1. The backpack comes back to our workshop, we examine it again and send it back to you or let you know about the pickup options in our HQ again.

  1. We send you an online coupon with the exact value of your repair - and all info applicable. This coupon can be used either by you or you can give it to anyone keen of our backpacks, it’s up to you.

This is how we reward those who decided to lengthen the life of their backpack. 

Repairs fpr us mean that the bags not only keep their history, but this history keeps growing with new stories. 

Dare to ask, drop us a mail at